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Bridget with Lagotto pup.
Bridget playing with a Lagotto Puppy
Caramia and pups.
Lagotto Mom and puppies enjoying the outdoors.

Our Home

Lagotto Kennels is a home-based operation located in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Our dogs do not live in kennels, but have many acres of fenced land on which to roam and play. That’s why our Lagottos thrive in this peaceful area with two homes, large fields, ponds and heated out-buildings.

Our Love of the Lagotto

Lagotto Kennels is managed by dedicated dog lovers: Bridget, and Sylvia. Our love affair with the Lagotto Romagnolo, Truffle Dog, breed started in 2008 when we bought Cara Mia. She so much stole our hearts that after we  brought her home, we wanted more of this beautiful breed!

Specialized Knowledge

Bridget, is an animal lover and has been from her earliest days, and therefore spent most of her life working with horses. Her strong work ethic and natural ability led her to become a member of the Canadian Equestrian Team. Having a goal-oriented personality she has consequently produced great horses and riders, and has initiated and managed several equestrian clubs.

Bridget has taught university-level courses while continuing to compete and develop top quality horse shows, as well as show facilities and stables. She has always surrounded herself with, and cared for, animals. Having years of experience with many varieties of animals as has resulted in her using her wealth of knowledge in genetics, breeding, conformation, movement, and temperament, to produce top-quality Lagotto Romagnolo Dogs.

Love and Help

Over the years, Bridget’s partner Ernie enabled us to raise our dogs in an incredible setting. His ability to design and build whatever we needed to change our horse ranch to a home for our dogs has been invaluable. He built and designed everything, above all, keeping in mind the safety, health, and well being of the dogs and pups.

Working mainly here on the farm, he was also the primary care giver on a day-to-day basis. In addition, Ernie’s days were filled with building, feeding, and having play time with the dogs in our back field. His gentle manner, resulted in the incredible way he had with all animals. Moreover, as busy as he was, he always took time to give each and every pet, from our dogs, cats, and horses — even the fish — the individual attention they required.

Sylvia, a retired Medical Technologist (Micro Biologist) and Bridget’s mother, also lived at the farm and was involved in every way with the dogs. She is the researcher and the organizer of the group, not to mention the “Puppy Class” enthusiast. As a result of being involved with animals all her life, she has a keen understanding of health and behavior, and a great love for the Lagotto.

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