Our Foundation Dogs

The Bedrock of Our Breeding Program

At Lagotto Kennels, our foundation dogs form the bedrock of our breeding program, representing the pinnacle of excellence in the Lagotto Romagnolo breed. Each of our foundation dogs has been meticulously selected for their outstanding pedigree, impeccable conformation, and exceptional temperament.

 These esteemed individuals serve as the cornerstone of our efforts to preserve and enhance the breed’s unique qualities, ensuring that future generations continue to exemplify the standard of excellence set forth by our founding dogs.

View the slideshow of our Foundation Dogs, below.

Grand Champion Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Augusto
LK Foundation Dog – Bacci
LK Foundation Dog – Cameo
LK Foundation Dog – Cara Mia
Champion LK Eva Angelina – “Bug”
LK Foundation Dog – Mirta (Morara)
LK Foundation Dog – Molly (Lady Bug)
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